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The 6th CLE Conference on Teaching and Learning 2023-10-25

The 6th CLE Conference on Teaching and Learning 2023-10-25

The SUSTech Center for Language Education cordially invites you to the 6th CLE Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning. This year's theme is Creativity in Teaching, Inspiration for Learning.  

8:50Welcome Speech 
Designing Problems for PBL Translator Training: A corpus-based approach 
9:40Creating a positive classroom climate and inspiring learning with mindfulness
10:20Group Photo and Tea Break
10:40A Series of Thematic Workbooks for Biology Undergraduates: Materials Design Between ESP and CLIL

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This conference is open to all faculty and staff. It offers opportunities to connect with language teachers and teachers in a broader field in the Bay Area. You will engage in stimulating discussions with researchers, educators, and peers. You are welcome to sign up.

Sign Up

Please open the link to sign up before 14:00, November 30th. You will receive a confirmation email.

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Contact Information


Phone number: Zoe: 0755-88015066; Nancy:0755-88015626


Campus Directions

If you take the subway, please use Line 5 and get off at Tanglang Station Exit C, walk NORTH for about 250m to SUSTech Gate 1 (南方科技大学正门). If you drive a car or take a taxi, please enter campus from SUSTech Gate 1 (南方科技大学正门). If you are driving a car, please let us know the car plate number before November 29th.

There will be volunteers in orange jackets guiding you to the conference auditorium and the parking lot. A map is attached below for your reference.

    The 5th CLE Conference on Teaching and Learning

    The Center for Language Education (CLE) at SUSTech, Shenzhen, is pleased to announce the 5th Conference on Teaching and Learning. This year’s theme is Emerging Trends in Language Teaching and Learning: Explore, Enhance, and Excel.

    As educators, students, and scholars, we come from different parts of the world, and teach or study different subjects with English as the medium of instruction. We work diligently to bring the most knowledgeable researchers and educators from all over the world, as well as leaders in the industry to explore important issues in English Language Teaching, Learning, and Education. What are meaningful student-instructor interactions that would improve student engagement and enhance student learning? In the time of COVID-19 pandemic, how can we realize teaching collaboration domestically and globally? In what ways would classic methodology be updated and applied in today’s teaching and learning? Please join us at the 5th CLE Conference on Teaching and Learning.

    This conference is open to all faculty and staff, highlighting shared experiences of teaching and learning in an English context at SUSTech. We aim to bring together both English-teaching professionals and teachers of all disciplines who use English as their medium of instruction to share teaching practice ideas.