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About us

About CLE

The Center for Language Education (CLE) of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), established in November 2015, is a teaching-focused unit.

At the CLE

SUSTech is widely regarded as a trailblazer and innovator in advancing China's higher education.

At the CLE

We take pride in providing excellent education in foreign language and culture, and we are committed to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment for all our students. Over the years, the CLE has grown into a highly internationalized department with distinguished programs, a team of experienced and accomplished educators, innovative teaching methods, an innovative and comprehensive student support system, and multidimensional teaching and learning resources. We are confident that our department offers a unique and valuable educational experience.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to enhance the foreign language proficiency of the SUSTech community by offering a diverse range of language programs and to facilitate the internationalization of SUSTech through the provision of opportunities for students and staff to develop and use their English and other foreign language skills.

  • Educational Objectives

    The CLE is dedicated to equipping our students with the linguistic and communicative skills necessary to thrive in a globalized world. By providing a comprehensive language education that emphasizes critical thinking and intercultural competence, we aim to prepare our students to excel in a variety of cultural and linguistic environments. Our commitment to fostering effective communication of science and technology in English is a vital component of our mission to develop well-rounded and successful graduates.

  • The Mission of Reform

    The CLE’s responsibilities include:

    Providing English Language training to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, assisting them in adapting to university education with English as the medium of instruction, making English a tool for the acquisition of their subject knowledge, thinking and skills, and meeting the needs of academic communication in English.

    Offering courses of Chinese as a Foreign Language to international students and staff, and providing training of French, German, Spanish and other foreign languages to the SUSTech community.

    Assisting the development of the university’s learning culture with multi-dimensional foreign language learning resources and environments.

    Supporting the university's world-class aspirations and endeavors, and contributing to the development of an inclusive and vibrant university culture.

What we offer

The Center for Language Education (CLE) plays an important role in shaping the learning culture of the university by offering a comprehensive range of multidimensional language learning resources and environments. The CLE achieves this through its core programs, which include a skills-based pre-sessional training program, level-appropriate  SUSTech English course series, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course, innovative interdisciplinary English electives, one-on-one language help service, writing tutorials, writing workshops, and extracurricular activities such as English corners and book clubs. With passion and creativity, the CLE strives for excellence in global language teaching and learning. 

Furthermore, the CLE is committed to supporting SUSTech's world-class aspirations and promoting an inclusive and vibrant university culture. By fulfilling its responsibilities, the CLE aims to contribute to the overall development of the university and help students achieve their full potential in a supportive and stimulating learning environment.