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SUSTech has proactively cultivated a robust global network, fostering extensive collaboration with universities and institutions worldwide to offer international students a broad spectrum of enriching educational opportunities. Through diverse programs like semester-long visits/exchanges, short-term research initiatives, innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors, language and cultural immersion experiences, as well as globally pertinent courses and socio-cultural extracurricular activities unique to Shenzhen and its environs, the SSP actively encourages students to embrace cross-disciplinary learning while nurturing their appreciation of Chinese culture and values.


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Chinese Language and Culture Program Overview

The Chinese Language and Culture Program is designed to offer an immersive learning experience and equip participants with essential skills in the Chinese language. This program comprises daily lessons facilitated by experienced Chinese language teachers, with a focus on the development of listening comprehension and speaking abilities. Whether individuals are complete beginners or possess some prior exposure to the Chinese language, this program caters to a diverse range of learners and aims to facilitate significant progress.

During the one-week intensive program, participants will have the opportunity to acquire practical conversational phrases relevant to various everyday scenarios. By the conclusion of the program, participants can expect to enhance their confidence in communicating effectively in Chinese.

No prerequisite knowledge of the Chinese language is necessary for enrollment in this program, thereby ensuring accessibility to learners from diverse backgrounds. The course will be delivered by experienced instructors specializing in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, participants will be guided towards enhancing their language skills. Additionally, upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of course completion from the SUSTech Center for Language Education, providing formal recognition of their achievements and dedication to learning Chinese.

The Chinese Language and Culture Program seeks to provide participants with the tools and knowledge for beginners to communicate in Chinese. By immersing themselves in a dynamic and supportive environment, participants can anticipate the development of language skills and a deeper appreciation for Chinese culture. The Chinese Language Course presents an opportunity for transformative language learning experiences.

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