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Welcome to the SUSTech Center for Language Education!

The SUSTech Center for Language Education is committed to providing SUSTech students with opportunities for linguistic as well as cross-cultural growth through core curriculum classes, electives, workshops, seminars, and other platforms to enhance their ability to be critical thinkers and science communicators!



Add:Zhicheng Activity Room



Speaker:Katherine Wasdin

Add:Lecture Hall 1-303; Join us tonight in ZOOM: Meeting ID: 927 5905 2710 Passcode: 175281

Speaker:MO Chunbao

Add:Room 302, Lecture Hall 1

Speaker:Xiao SHI

Add:Room 108, Lecture Hall 1

Time:2021.11. 25 THU

Speaker:Matthew Jellick

Add:Room 108, Lecture Hall 1

Time:2021.11.18 THU