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CLE021. SUSTech English I (4 credits)

SUSTech English I (SE I) is the first course in the Center for Language Education core curriculum. The course aims to improve the accuracy, fluency, and overall communicative competence of students for their university study. In this course, students are given plenty of opportunities and encouraged to practice their oral English and communicative skills both in and beyond the classroom. By engaging in meaningful discussions on various well-selected topics, students are able to gain confidence gradually as English speakers. Moreover, throughout the course, students are required to complete group projects, which motivate English utilization outside of classroom. Writing practice is another focus in this course. Following the steps of collaborative writing, independent writing, and reflective writing, with responsibilities added along the way, the course not only helps students to become better writers but also builds the character of an independent and responsible scholar-to-be.

CLE022. SUSTech English II (4 credits)

SUSTech English II (SE II) is the second course in the Center for Language Education core curriculum. It builds upon the skills introduced in SUSTech English I or further develops skills which students already have. The skills targeted in SUSTech English II will be needed in future courses. The course not only introduces the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for fluent English communication, but also includes cross-cultural skills and language study skills to assist students to have a success in their learning of the content courses instructed in English language. It aims to help students construct their English language knowledge and skills under the guidance of their English teachers, and more importantly through their practice both in class and after class. By the end of the course, their English proficiency should be able to reach the upper intermediate level (CEFR B2/IELTS 5-6/TOEFL 87-100). The writing and presentation included in the assessment aim to develop students’ ability to analyze, criticize, and express ideas concisely in English. The course introduces the essay writing skills at the college level. Students are expected to demonstrate their ability to plan, organize and express ideas effectively and in grammatically correct sentences. In the process of preparing and practicing their presentation, student’s effective presentation skills will be developed and their cross-cultural competence can be boosted.

CLE023. SUSTech English III (4 credits)

SUSTech English III (SE III) is the third and advanced course of SUSTech English in the Center for Language Education’s core curriculum. Moving beyond the basic and intermediate skills, SUSTech English III pushes into advanced levels. It also aims to prepare students for the academic writing course, English for Academic Purposes. SUSTech English III further enhances learner’s ability to comprehend reading and listening materials through interactions with more complex and culturally diverse materials. Through individual presentations, students are introduced to concepts of researching, paraphrasing and citations. They present findings from literature exploration in an academic manner. Moreover, students engage in thought-provoking discussion on current topics, via which students acquire significant discussion skills and critical thinking capability. Writing assignments include more advanced essays. Informative writing and argumentative writing are incorporated in the course to reinforce students’ skills of writing a thesis statement and expressing one’s own voice in written language. The weighting of process in writing assignments and constructive feedback from both peers and instructors support the cultivation of intellectual character among students, paving their way to enter the academic community of practice.