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CLE030. English for Academic Purposes (2 credits)

Lecture, 2 credits, 2 hours per week. Prerequisite: SUSTech English III.English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is the fourth and final course in the Center for Language Education (CLE) core curriculum.  It focuses on research writing and teaches students the skills necessary to use English effectively in a variety of academic contexts. Throughout the course, students are given ownership over their work, including being allowed to focus on topics which interest them, think critically, and develop their topics through research into a group presentation and individual argumentative research paper that meets academic standards. In addition to groupwork, peer editing also plays an important role, encouraging students to support each other, with the teacher acting as a guiding facilitator.Within the EAP framework, presentation and writing parameters are set, while at the same time, aiming to give students autonomy over their work, encouraging them through constructive feedback from both the teacher as well as their classmates. By completing the course, students are expected be aware of, and produce, work that conforms to academic norms. The course itself is demanding and acts as the benchmark for English-language instruction with the CLE at Southern University of Science and Technology.