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SUSTech English I Vocabulary Challenge

2021-12-13  Pageviews:3344

The final round of “SUSTech English I Vocabulary Challenge” was held successfully on the evening of December 9th. A total of 48 students from SE-1 gathered at Lychee Hills Building 1 for the final round.


Congratulations to Wen Pengfei and Liang Yuge who won first place. In addition, four students—Zhang Yifei, Zhou Keyu, Long Shangyan and Pan Wenda, won 2nd place and six students—Zhu Youxin, Wang Yuqi, Zhu Xiaoyu, Huang Guojing, Hu Jiawei and Ding Zhuoyang were awarded 3rd place prizes.


Academic vocabulary is a major obstacle for freshmen at SUSTech. To motivate students, a vocabulary challenge has been designed for SE 1 students. This is the second year of the competition. 

The competition is a quick and enjoyable way for students to demonstrate their vocabulary mastery. The competition is based on several vocabulary lists. These include the New General Service List (core high frequency vocabulary words for students of English as a second language), New Academic Word List (high-frequency academic words in English), as well as CET-4. The first round was held at the class level during week eleven. Following that, the best five students from each class were selected to compete in the second round, one week later.

With the support of our CLE director, secretaries, and all SE-1 teachers, the activity was successful. The vocabulary challenge has created more vocabulary-learning opportunity and strengthened SE-1 students' vocabulary proficiency during their first semester at SUSTech. Our winners deserve congratulations!

The Final Competition Winners (two 1st place, four 2nd place, six 3rd place)

48 SUSTech English I Students Participated