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“Easy Reading for Fluency and Culture” Seminar Is A Page Turner

2021-11-09  Pageviews:578

Al Evans from the Center for Language Education delivered a seminar on “Easy Reading for Language and Culture.” The event on November2 highlighted the theories of Stephen Krashen, Paul Nation, and others. The audience learned how to apply these language acquisition theories in simple ways to expand their language abilities through reading.

Evans shared results from his own classes, as well as significant research in the field of “Extensive Reading.” Al’s seminars are always characterized by interactivity, and the audience participated start to finish in small conversation as well as question and answers about a variety of topics related to reading.

Evans also shared a team project underway with SUSTech Librarian Lu Tao and the CLE’s Doctor Rongrong Dong. Together, the three have been working to expand the library of easy readers for students of different reading levels. The project includes a system to level books to help readers easily find one that is right for them. A high point of the evening was when Mr. Evans shared pulled out some of the new titles which were not yet available through the library.

The Workshops @Residential Colleges is a regular series of talks organized by Professor Adrian Xu at the Center for Language Education. Check your email and classroom posters for updates and upcoming workshops.