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Study Abroad Language Development Workshop Series #2/6: Admission, Language & Culture



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The 2nd of our 6 workshops in the  Study Abroad Language Development Workshop Series was held successfully on Thursday , September 24th. The enthusiastic participants covered 2 main topics.

In the first hour, the workshop addressed admissions interviews, and examined the background, expectations, common problems, and recommended solutions. For a workshop, it is important to include practical activities, and the first hour concluded with a lively series of practice interviews.

Our second hour delivered the 2nd in a series of media issues for study abroad. This time, the topic was music and how study abroad students can explore music for a variety of language and cultural development. Ranging from background music and setting targeted phrases to music, to cultural integration through singing with others, this hour surprised more than one student with its diverse and thought-provoking content. Many of the songs used in the hour were chosen for their simplicity and accessibility, and students were seen adding them to their own playlists throughout the second hour.

The series, created by SUSTech Global and the CLE’s Al Evans, takes a break for the national holiday, and will resume with part 3 immediately after the holiday concludes.