Week 7:“Enhancing Student Learning and Dealing with Learning Difficulties”


Week 7:“Enhancing Student Learning and Dealing with Learning Difficulties”


Week 7 discussed, “Enhancing Student Learning and Dealing with Learning Difficulties” which places an emphasis on positive sustainable teaching practices that can be used throughout the semester, preparing, not reacting. Enhancement of student learning varies class to class and student to student, and as teachers, we should recognize the attributes of individual students, not just the collective group. Similarly, in dealing with learning difficulties, if teachers can highlight strengths, instead of dwelling on challenges, it provides students avenues of success as opposed to misconceptions of learning directives.



Collaborative learning helps to mitigate the differences between student achievement levels within a particular class, leaning on the strengths of the students to aid each other, learning through collaboration rather than separation.


Progressive tasks not only motivate students in a given subject, but they address a larger approach to the assignment, rather than simply focusing on the outcome. Progressive tasks can be done either individually or as a group, allowing the teacher to utilize the strengths of particular students, while also giving encouragement to those who work at a different pace.



Ongoing assessment addresses changes in learning that happen concurrently with the curriculum, rather than looking at a cumulative result, retrospectively. It allows for and encourages adjustment in teaching approaches, maintaining flexibility which reacts to and addresses student learning outcomes.