Week 1:Traits of a good Teaching Assistant


In Week 1, we addressed “Traits of a good Teaching Assistant” working in small groups to identity and examine what we, as teachers, want to provide for our students.  The TAs, from different departments across SUSTech, discussed not only what is important to them, but moreover, why it is pertinent to translate these positive methodologies into their own classes.


Using English as the Medium of Instruction allows our students extended opportunities to increase their language proficiency, including practice within their major STEM-related subjects.

We began making a personal list of Teaching Philosophies which we can adjust throughout the program as we evaluate different aspects of constructive approaches which affect the teacher-student dynamic.

Our class discussed General and Specific traits of a good TA, and came up with our own, including: Patience, Responsibility and Tools (General) and Efficiency, Interaction and Examples (Specific).


Each week we will share a brief review of our class, highlighting important aspects that we feel demonstrate the teaching and learning activities which benefit both teachers and students as we work along a path towards sustainable English-language instruction across a variety of disciplines.