Peer Tutoring 2019 Fall


The Center for Language Education will launch the Peer Tutor Program (PTP) in Week 6. It’s a free service open to all SUSTech students.

Through this program, students can receive help/ practice related to English classes and the English language from fellow students around their same age who have excellent English proficiency. Besides, Chinese tutoring is provided to international students. 

The help/ practice includes the four core language skills, grammar & vocabulary, conversational practice, overseas university application advice and any other areas of interest that you may have.


Who are our tutors?


Hi there! How are you! I am Bowen, so nice to see you here. English is one of my favorite subjects and one of my best. I like using English to read, express myself and listen. I have scored a 113 on the TOEFL and would love to help you in English. Even if you don’t have any questions specifically, you are welcome to have a random chat with me.


Hey! I’m Ciaran, a junior majoring in Biological Sciences. I took the TOEFL exam and got a score last winter and I am preparing for the upcoming GRE in October. If you have any questions about learning English or simply want to practice speaking English, feel free to visit and I’ll try my best to help you!


Hi! I’m Drea. I’m a sophomore and I major in hydrology. I love music and musicals. I also like reading. I had my first TOEFL test in high school. If you have any questions related to the test preparation, I’m happy to share my experience and try my best to help you. Or if you just want a casual English conversation, also feel free to come see me!


I’m Dylan, a senior student majoring in computer science & technology. I have taken the TOEFL and the GRE both twice and got good grades. If you’re preparing for TOEFL and have difficulties in listening, reading and speaking, I’ll be there to help you. Furthermore, I’m preparing my Master application in Europe, if you’re interested in studying in Europe, you are also welcome to talk with me. In addition, I’m open to any other topics, such as my major or the meaning of life. Feel free to contact me.


I’m Steven, a sophomore international student from Hungary. If you want to have some conversation practice, feel free to visit me! I can help you to improve your speaking exam results, fluency or just train you to have an easier time communicating in English. I am also happy to help you prepare for your presentations.

How to make an appointment?

  1. Visit the link  or scan the QR code (via SUSTC-Wifi/ SUSTC-Wifi-5G)
  2. You will see a timetable for the next 5 business days. Choose a session and click on it.
  3. Write down your questions and upload any documents (if necessary) and click the “confirm” button. You will receive an automatic confirmation email about your appointment.
  4. Prepare and print your materials/ questions/ writing samples before the tutorial and bring them with you to theCLE office (Rm 210, Block 3, Wisdom Valley 慧园3栋210). You will receive a reminder email before the appointment.
  5. Walk-in sessions are available for time slots that have not been booked (not marked in red). You can check our Online Booking System and see if there are available time slots on that specific day.