Faculty and Staff Workplace Development Series: The Practicality of Translation


We ended our SUSTech Faculty and Staff Workplace Development Series with a presentation on “The Practicality of Translation”. With a number of CLE teachers in attendance, it was Beatrice Clegg who led everyone through insight supported with examples of cultural translations of specific concepts and set phrases. Taking a look at things from a practical viewpoint, she argued that both the reasoning and exactness of translations can be flexible, while at the same time, pointing out the impression that correct and logical translations have on an extended audience, namely, those beyond campus.

The Center for Language Education is dedicated to support the university’s constant drive for internationalization and through workshops like this, we offer SUSTech faculty and staff ideas, guidance and support to help them understand the importance of these issues. Going forward, we will continue to offer outreach in these various areas, and hope that our suggestions are not only well-received, but implemented, too.