Elementary Staff English Student Writings: Seedfolks (Chapters 7 & 8)


By: Matthew Jellick and Dandan Li

Within our Elementary Staff English Class, we are working our way through a book, Seedfolks, and here, one of the students, Dandan Li, has written two short pieces about two of the main character from Chapters 7 and 8, respectively:

Virgil (Chapter 7)

In Chapter 7, it is too hard to find one sentence which can represent on behalf of the entire chapter.

Virgil felt a little complicated to his father, and so did I. His father lied. However almost every adult lies when he faces difficult circumstances. Certainly, his father loved him. He wanted to earn much money, providing a better life for the family. He promised Virgil an eighteen-speed bicycle which may be a dream of every boy. So, when he heard his father lying, Virgil was astonished and mad. But at the same time, he felt sorry for his father. I think he both loved and hated his father. 

Sae Young (Chapter 8)

When I read the story about Sae Young, I think she was an unfortunate woman, with her husband dying early and no children. She lived a quiet life until a bad man with a gun went into her dry- cleaning shop. After that, she became timid, afraid of everyone. At last the garden helped her to recover her fragile mental tone. She was lucky to meet Sam who was warmhearted to start a contest for solving the water problem. Sae Yong got well through buying three funnels. People used them to make it much easier on themselves filling their containers. So, helping others is also helping ourselves. Through helping others, we can gain self-identity.