Introduction of Language Help Service


CLE Language Help Service (LHS) is back this semester! In 2020 Fall, we will continue to offer CLE Language Help Service to the entire SUSTech community – students, faculty, and staff.

CLE Language Help Service is a one-on-one language service, with a commitment to provide ongoing language support to our SUSTech community. The service includes English writing support, speaking practice and English learning consultation for all, as well as Chinese language tutoring for international students and staff.

SUSTech members are welcome to reserve a 25-minute face-to-face session with a CLE faculty member. This semester we will continue to offer more than 60 sessions per week, beginning in Week 2 (September 14th).


Here is a brief introduction of the services we offer:


Writing Support

In tutorials, you are encouraged to bring any writing assignments (essays, research papers, reports, personal statements, etc.) to appointments and consult with our language advisors. Language advisors can help you at any stage of their writing—from brainstorming ideas to refining organization and coherence of the text, practicing editing strategies, and revising the final product.

Though advisors will offer support, you are required to make your own choices about your own writing. We encourage you to make appointments when you are ready to engage in discussions of your writings. Advisors will not take over or appropriate any of your work and are not responsible for any completion of writing assignments. Besides, due to the limited time of a tutorial session, the writing pieces you bring should not exceed 500 words.


Speaking Practice

Language advisors can help you with speaking skills. You are welcome to make appointments if you want to improve your pronunciation, learn how to start conversations, promote fluency in your English speech and/or practice presentation skills. You can bring your presentation tasks to the appointment to go over with language advisors. 

Unlike writing assignments, besides presentations, speaking practice may not be based on specific tasks or products. Thus, you are responsible to specify the elements you want to work on. For example, to improve English pronunciation, you can bring materials to read out loud so that language advisors can diagnose the problems. To practice English conversation, you should try to provide lists of topics.


Chinese Language Tutoring Service  

The group of international students and faculty is a significant part of the SUSTech community. With desire to help them better adjust to life in China, we offer Chinese tutoring services. A language advisor who has expertise in Chinese language teaching will provide support in learning Chinese pronunciation, including tones, vocabulary, phrases and sentences, language for daily activities, conversations with native speakers and tutorials related to Chinese language classes.


How to make an appointment?


You can use our Online Booking System to book appointments with our faculty. Below is the instruction.

  1. Appointments should be made at least one day in advance.
  2. Visit ehall using the link “”. Log in to the system with your CAS account. If you are using the Chinese interface, please search for “语言中心语言指导服务”. If you are using the English interface, please search for “CLE Language Help Service”. (Please refer to the attached system guide for detailed instructions.)
  3. After entering the Online Booking System, you can see the timetable for the next 5 business days. Choose a session and click on it.
  4. Fill in the required information and follow the instructions to complete the reservation.
  5. Prepare and print your own materials/questions/writing pieces before the tutorial and bring them with you to the CLE (Room 210, Wisdom Valley, Building 3).
  6. After each tutorial, please give us your feedback by clicking the “点评(Comment)” button and completing the questionnaire.

IELTS & TOEFL Weekly (Special LHS Session)

In need of IELTS of TOEFL practice? The CLE is providing you with more than 20 hours of free tutorials. Please feel free to drop in, Monday from 9:30 to 12:00 (Room 410, Teaching Building 1) for information, tips, practice, and mock tests. No reservation is needed for this service, but please be kindly reminded that the sessions will start at 9:30 then progress until 12:00 every Monday. Please see the accompanying poster for specific topics being addressed each week and drop in for one, or all, of these sessions. 

The delivery of each session may be influenced by student numbers, but efforts will be made to help you with specific needs and challenges.

Let’s get you abroad, living out your academic vision.

Gentle reminder

  • Walk-in sessions (coming without appointment) are available for time slots that have not been booked (not marked in red). You can check our Online Booking System and see if there are available time slots on that specific day.
  • Each SUSTech member can book a maximum of 3 appointments per semester(walk-in sessions not included).
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please cancel in the Online Booking System at least two days before the scheduled time. If you really need to cancel the appointment within two days, please click “contact the admin”.
  • Late cancellation (less than two days) and failure to show up for a scheduled appointment will be recorded. You will not be able to schedule a new appointment for the rest of the semester if you have 2 such records.
  • Language Help Service is not available via email or outside the 25-minute face-to-face meeting.
  • Due to the limited time of a tutorial, the writing pieces you bring each time should not exceed 500 words.