2020 11.18

CLE Movie Club and CLE Chinese Movie Club Team Up Online

Two CLE clubs teamed up on Saturday, November 14th for […]

2020 11.17

Choice of Words in Translation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

  Our final Workplace English Development presenta […]

2020 11.12

Decoding Latin Terms in Research Writing

The first of two CLE Writing Workshops featured Beatric […]

2020 11.9

Translations Strategies: From the Perspective of Hypotaxis and Parataxis

  Our Workplace English Development Series continu […]

2020 11.5

EAP Writing Workshop: Using Punctuation Marks in Academic Writing

Dr. Ma Ji presenting on "Using Punctuation Marks in Academic Writing", focusing on the details assoc…

2020 11.4

TA Teaching Development Program

The TA Teaching Development Program has begun it’ […]