2021 09.3

CLE Writing Center: Fall, 2021

In our continuous aim to offer writing support to the S […]

2021 09.1

The Center for Language Education Launches its Pre-Sessional Program for the 2021 New Students

On August 27th, 1147 new undergraduate students and 141 […]

2021 08.3

CLE Instructor Presents at Conference

CLE Instructor, Matthew Jellick, recently presented at […]

2021 07.19

Situated Language Learning: 2021 Summer Staff Chinese Shenzhen Museum Trip

The 2021 Summer Shenzhen Museum Trip organized by the C […]

2021 06.15

TA Teaching Demonstrations

Each semester, the TA Teaching Development Program culm […]

2021 06.9

The 8th “League Cup” Undergraduate College English Writing Competition in Guangdong Province

The 8th “League Cup” Undergraduate College English Writ […]