cle courses

  • CLE016. TOEFL Reading & Writing (0)

    Our course targets students who plan to take TOEFL as their preparation for their further study abroad. Students will learn the strategies and skills in TOEFL, get familiar with the test format and evaluation criteria. The materials for this course are sourced from internationally authorized textbooks for TOEFL preparation. Timed tests will also be given to monitor students' learning process. Students will know how to complete reading passages with a high accuracy rate and become more familiar with phrasal verbs and idioms. They will also be more confident of writing an essay in under 20 minutes as a result of provided hints and outlining strategies.

    CLE017. IELTS Preparation (Listening and Speaking) (0)

    This course is designed for those students who prepare to take the IELTS Academic Test and for those who are eager to polish their listening and speaking skills. Limited listening and speaking skills can result in a poor IELTS score and undermine students’ opportunities of being admitted to top universities around the world. This course will explore the IELTS Academic test, especially for listening and speaking. The instructor will analyze test papers of each task type, and help students enhance their listening and speaking skills as well as specific test-taking techniques. The IELTS Preparation (Listening and Speaking) will provide students with IELTS Academic Test instruction, test types analysis, listening and speaking topic analysis and test-taking strategies.

    CLE018. CET-4 Preparation (0)

    This course aims to help students to improve their performance in CET-4 exam. Consequently, it introduces four major modules of CET-4 and some listening & reading strategies, such as note-taking, skinning & skimming, identifying main idea & specific information and guessing word meaning. Besides, students are supposed to master vocabularies required in the syllabus and use grammar appropriately in their writing. After successful completion of this course, students will be able to produce different types of English writing in limited time, grasp specific information and the main idea of the given listening material, comprehend the given text and detect the topic, main idea and specific information and grasp translation strategies to process translation between Chinese and English.

    CLE019. Critical Thinking & English Debate (2)

    This course aims at training participants' critical thinking skills and facilitating their understanding of the BP debating basics. By the end of this course, participants will understand basic principles of BP debate format, acquire English debating skills, and be able to think critically about influential and controversial issues. It will also help participants prepare for the ‘FLTRP Cup’ National English Debating Competition. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes. Achieved CET4 580/CET6 550/TOEFL 90/IELTS 6.5 (Transcripts or course records are needed.)

    CLE020. 美学与视觉文化 (Aesthetics and Visual Culture) (2)

    Aesthetics and Visual Culture is a culture course about the nature, history, and meaning of “beauty” that promotes a discussion of theoretical texts and primary works of art from various disciplines and sources on this topic: classical texts, art treatises, fine arts, media spectacle, multicultural manifestations of aesthetics, technology. SUSTech Masters and/or PhD students will learn the evolution of the concept from ancient art, where the idea of beauty was based on sensory perception (aiesthesis in Greek), to Modern art, where art schools began to define the standards for the appreciation of visual aesthetics, up to contemporary culture, where mass market and globalization and have shifted the meaning and place of aesthetics in our everyday life. The course will provide answers to questions, among others, such as: what can aesthetics contribute to ecology, or engineereing, or other disciplines? How can art affect our understanding of cultures and societies? How has the current exposure to multimedia changed our notions of the “beautiful”? At the end of the course, students will learn to compare Chinese aesthetics to the Western one, to assess an artistic artifact, and to judge better what is “valuable” and “beautiful” in our current global culture. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.

    CLE024. 美国文化 (American Culture) (2)

    American Culture is a cultural studies course for SUSTech students who aim to acquire a deeper international perspective on Western Culture, particularly Anglo-American. This course will expose students to the most prominent US scholars and writers from the 19th century to the present, and it will discuss concepts and ideas that represent the foundations of American culture, such as independence, individualism, frontier, freedom, optimism, capitalism and many others. The course will examine a variety of texts, from political essays to novellas, from Presidential speeches to short stories, from documentaries to visual artifacts and economic reports, with the purpose of clarifying what these concepts mean historically, why they are so important, and how they have evolved. At the end of the course, students will be able to understand better their own relationship to another civilization. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.