cle courses

  • CLE010. English for Engineering (2)

    This course is going to apply engineering content-based instruction to meet the needs of language study of student engineers. In the course, English learning will be realized mainly by studying STEM articles and solving practical questions in real circumstances through students' second language, English. This course covers language for discussing and applying key engineering concepts, and skills such as working with drawings, describing technical problems and discussing dimensions and precision. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.

    CLE011. Exploring Society, Technology & Culture through Multimedia (2)

    The goal of this course is to combine the students' knowledge in science and technology and their interest in multimedia with a focus on technology, inviting them to use the language of English to communicate their understanding about society, technology, and culture. This course will help students to improve their English proficiency and make them able to communicate with others effectively. The course encourages students apply their knowledge of science and technology to study but should not be confined to those theories. They will focus on exploring the relationships among technology, culture and society so that their professionalism and humanistic literacy can be enhanced. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.

    CLE012. Scientific and Technical Translation (2)

    This course is intended for students who are already familiar with scientific and technical concepts and those who have a good knowledge in both English and simplified Chinese languages. The course will combine basic translation theory with practical translation. In the basic translation theory, students will learn basic concepts of translation, principles for understanding meanings, effective Chinese expressions, types and features of typical scientific and technical documents. The practical translation element will focus on written translation, from English into Chinese, of technically complex texts from the domains of biology/chemistry/biotechnology; these may include extracts from scientific papers, patents and popular scientific texts. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.

    CLE013. English Pronunciation (2)

    Pronunciation is an essential component of oral communication and communicative competence. This course is designed to help students improve the intelligibility of their English speech and build confidence in communicating in English. The primary focus of the course is on the suprasegmental features (i.e., stress, rhythm and intonation) that are known to have the greatest impact on the comprehensibility of the learner’s English. Discrete English consonant and vowel sounds will also be covered throughout the course, with an emphasis on the sounds that are most difficult and problematic for native speakers of Chinese and other Asian languages. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.

    CLE014. HSK Preparation Course (0)

    This course provides language training in Mandarin Chinese to second/foreign language learners and helps students to better understand the Chinese Proficiency Test HSK at level 3 and level 4, especially for the Internet-based HSK Test. The course provides students with trainings cover all fields of the HSK syllabus and exams of real past tests. Students will learn about the complete testing process and achieve self-assessment of their language competency. The teacher will also help students to identify their weakness and pull exercise from real tests targeting the weakness. The course also provides practical materials and efficient learning strategies in oral skills of real life setting as well as culture immersion training. Prerequisites: Elementary Chinese II.

    CLE015. TOEFL Listening & Speaking (0)

    Our course targets students who plan to take TOEFL as their preparation for their further study abroad. Students will learn the strategies and skills in TOEFL, get familiar with the test format and evaluation criteria. Students will start with relatively simple task and as their skills and strategies get stronger, they will be able to tackle more difficult problems in TOEFL test. The materials for this course are sourced from internationally authorized textbooks for TOEFL preparation. Timed tests will also be given to monitor students’ learning process.Students will be exposed to sample speaking situations, useful expressions and tactics for each speaking question including in-class and homework speaking practice.