Writing Center Workshop: “Greek and Latin Roots: The Building Blocks of Scientific Writing”



The CLE Writing Center Workshops continued this week with Beatrice Clegg presenting on the topic of “Greek and Latin Roots”. Seeing that SUSTech is a STEM university, this topic fit perfectly with many of the scientific writing community on campus, all of whom have a bright future. Throughout the interactive workshop, students were able to understand the “building blocks” of many commonly used scientific words, from the perspective of roots, prefixes, and suffixes, many of which come from Greek and Latin beginnings. About 40 SUSTech staff and students were in attendance, kept engaged throughout as Ms. Clegg explained with examples coupled with pictures, which underscored the handouts given to the audience.

Each CLE Writing Center Workshop analyzes a unique topic as it pertains to strong writing skills, giving empowerment to those present, highlighting many important skills which makes good writers. They are held each Thursday throughout April, and will continue next week on the topic of “Using Corpus Tools to Improve Writing Skills”.

Writing Workshop PPT