English Corner Continues Success: 2nd Meeting of Spring is a Hit


The second English Corner of the Spring semester was held successfully on Friday, March 19th. The event was hosted jointly by the Center for Language Education and Zhiren College. The theme was “White Day”, taken from the white chocolate event celebrated a month after Valentine’s Day in Japan and South Korea. To celebrate the occasion, participants were welcomed with chocolate made by the Zhiren Baking Room.



The active English Corner team of student leaders at Zhiren College designed three main activities that kept the crowd bubbling with discussion and conversation throughout the evening. These included the ever-popular ice-breaker, followed by two games. The second game challenged the players to sort out a story through coordinated communication and deduction.


English Corner meets every two weeks during the spring semester, bringing regular opportunities for students to practice their English skills in a social setting. The student leaders of Zhiren College create engaging and fun activities that delight all who attend. Additionally, those leaders gain experience in public speaking and event design and management. English Corner is a wonderful opportunity for growth and development for all of those who join.


Our next English Corner will be Friday, April 2nd, with a theme of April Fool’s Day. It will be held at the Zhiren College Activity Room, from 7-9PM. You can sign up by scanning the code on the poster below.