On March 11, the Center for Language Education and Shuli College jointly organized a themed lecture “How to Study English at University”. The speaker was Adrian (Xu Siqun), one of the most popular English teachers from the Center for Language Education.

“English is a prerequisite to a bright future.” Adrian covered how to make English language the competitiveness of SUSTech students from the following three aspects: English learning, English translation, and English thinking.

English as the world’s most widely used language will evolve as its speakers use it in specific contexts and cultures, which will bring in the local thinking and language features. He mentioned the openness of the English language promotes its development and empowers its speakers.

Adrian shared some advice on preparing for exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. Besides, he introduced the rich English learning resources offered by the CLE, such as test-preparation courses, and the individualized tutorials with high quality.

Students actively interacted with Adrian after his introduction of various English learning methods. Each has developed their own plan to make English one of their strengths for their future academic and career development.

The Center for Language Education is committed to making foreign language competence a competitive advantage for students’ future academic and career development. Please stay tuned for upcoming activities hosted by CLE Workshops@ Residential Colleges.