Spring 2021 TA Teaching Development Program


The Center for Language Education, in partnership with the Teaching Affairs Office, will run the TA Teaching Development Program again this semester. Held over a course of eight weeks, this program aims to enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of Teaching Assistants’ instruction skills using English as the Medium of Instruction.

This semester’s program will begin the first week in April and continue through the end of May, with a Teaching Demonstration acting as the capstone project for the class. All SUSTech Teaching Assistants, including full-time as well as Post-Docs are encouraged to register through their respective departments.

This is the third semester of the TA Teaching Development Program, and we look forward to continued success with a new cohort where we will achieve continued growth across different departments on campus, with the goal of creating a teaching and learning environment which fosters constructive development for all those involved.


TA Brochure