EAP Student Article in English Newspaper



EAP student, Michael Zhang, had his English article published in the Shenzhen Daily Newspaper.  Working in partnership with EAP teacher, Matthew Jellick, Michael wrote an article titled, “Growing up beside the Grand Canal”, recounting his memories as a child, and how the canal has interwoven itself into his life, even now as a university student.

Michael has interesting insights within the classroom, and these viewpoints are evident in his writing, too.  Although this particular article is not necessarily “academic”, it does touch upon issues pertaining to the development of one’s self, a topic which encompasses the educational and personal journeys. 

This is the tenth article published between Matthew and SUSTech students and staff, and we are always open to new submissions.

Link: http://www.szdaily.com/content/2021-03/10/content_24031953.htm