English Corner Returns for Spring Semester


English Corner held their first meeting of Spring 2021 on Friday evening, March 5th. The Zhiren College student organizers put together a fun and entertaining plan to practice English and play games with the language.



Led by hosts Qiushi Nie and Xinyao Li, the evening began with an icebreaker about how we spent our holiday. The next activity was a game to unlock the mysteries of things we have in common. And finally, there was a Bingo-style competition in which all students interacted freely to try and win. All activities were conducted in English, providing excellent practice that was much needed after a month-long break from school.

Zhiren College’s English Corner is a regular feature at SUSTech, meeting every two weeks on Friday nights. The enthusiastic student managers of the event acquire wonderful experience in organization and they also develop their leadership skills. The hosts must also challenge their public speaking skills as they welcome everyone and guide activities. They are supported in this by the Center for Language Education. The CLE’s Al Evans and Zhaoting Li provide advice on organization and encouragement in their performance.


Student leaders of the English Corner


The next English Corner will meet on Friday, March 19th. We invite you to join us!