Developing Driveshafts:the Storyline’s Engine



The third writing workshop took place last evening at SUSTech. In the first session, three weeks ago, the writers shared why they wanted to write, and thought about what they may actually write. Ideas were bounced off one another and further developed.


The second workshop then developed from the first, and inspiration and story development were the themes of the evening. A segment of Masterclass by award winning screenplay writer, Aaron Sorkin was shown to help stimulate story development. The concepts of a) intention, and b) obstacle were the main discussions to help extend inspiration that is entangled with interesting and engaging plots that considered the turmoil that obstacles create, preventing intention from happening.


Last night, was a more advanced development of story throughlines. Participants physically constructed a timeline of the story, adding: characters, a main driveshaft (what is the overarching goal), and a set of intentions and obstacles.  

Participant Zangi created story throughlines, quite literally, and shared his ideas with others to help him express his literary intentions, as well as get very helpful feedback from peers.



Here, writer Ting expresses her story throughline.


In this series of workshops, English Language Development is the vehicle used to gain other equally or more important skillsets such as, creative and critical thinking, giving and receiving critical feedback, and project management. All participants now have stories in progress.