“Study Abroad Language Development Workshop Series” now underway in Fall 2020


After a successful introduction in the summer, the Study Abroad Language Development Workshop Series kicked off its fall semester on Thursday, September 17th. This program is a collaboration between SUSTech Global and the Center for Language Education.

The workshop series aims to meet the needs of future study abroad students through language and cultural development. Each workshop addresses a language topic and a cultural development topic over the course of 2 hours.

Cultural development is a new aspect for the workshop series. The first workshop introduced the value of media to learning language and cultural discovery. In addition, students were shown how to effectively use a television series to enhance conversation and develop friendships in the study abroad environment. Future workshops will explore other media, including news, movies, and other sources.

The six-part series continues every Thursday for the next 5 weeks. Workshops are led by Al Evans of the Center for Language Education, with support from Robert Chow and others at SUSTech Global. Working together, the team hopes to provide students with a valuable experience in preparation for their future studies in other countries.