SUSTech Writing Group: The Author in You


By Stephen Pellerine

One of the CLE’s vision is to expand the use of English beyond typical and traditional classroom activities. This vision includes extracurricular activities open to all SUSTech members that bring diversity from the college together, in mentally stimulating scenarios, even going beyond English and language into realms of critical and creative thinking. The newly inaugurated Writing Group is one such trial. The CLE has opened the first 12-series workshop aiming to promote authorship to the SUSTech community, whom enjoy writing.


The initiative of authoring a book was introduced to the 16 attendees who brought mountains of motivation and endless energy that made the first meeting quite spectacular. It was a small group, somewhat intentionally, to allow for the development of meaningful relationships that inspire. The writing task, of creating a work of fiction, is at the core, to promote exploratory writing. Attendees, on the first night had shared why they came and what they are looking for. Predictably, there was a wide range of responses from participants. Many will develop fictional work, and some will integrate art work or merge personal narratives. All genres and all literary desires were respected and supported. The larger goal is just this: being able to communicate such individualized personal intentions, and being appreciated for these differences, in the absence of judgement.


You do not need to be Steve McCurry to take a photo worthy of hanging. Nor do you need to be Shakespeare to have a book in print for years to come. If we have the desire and the motivation – all of us can write a book. If a ‘novel’ is too much of an undertaking, short stories were recommended as a path forward for attendees. Other options discussed in the first session were books containing poetry, photography, sketching, and even composing meaningful children’s stories. Everyone should be able to succeed if a manageable project is carefully planned and followed. A goal that extends beyond the goal of simply having workshop attendees produce a book, is to provide pathways for current and future students whom have a writer within, to come out. The goal is to motivate creative writing. Join us or follow our progress!