“10th Anniversary Celebration of SUSTech”English Public Speaking Contests & 2020 “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” Public Speaking Preliminary Contests at SUSTech


I. Registration

1. Deadline: Jun. 30, 2020

2. Please email: liuyy3@mail.sustech.edu.cn with the title of “Public speaking contest + Your Name+ Student No.”

     Scan the QQ QR code below to join the group for further information.

II. Contest Day and Format

1. Contest date: Jul. 18, 2020
2. Contest format: Online contest (Prerecorded video and live Q&A on ZOOM)


We live in a world that advances at an increasingly rapid pace. Humankind benefits from advancements in many areas of life. We live comfortably with the natural elements. Our homes are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We no longer fear many deadly diseases. Even some forms of cancer are routinely cured. In some facets of our daily living, however, advancements have their negative side. Global warming is likely a result of human activity caused by burning fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes.

Does every advancement create a challenge? Make a 3-minute speech to share your point of view on this issue.


1. Prepared speech: Each contestant is required to prerecord a 3-minute prepared speech video on the given topic. An appropriate and relevant title should be used. Details about video making and submission will be announced after the registration deadline.
2. After playing a speech video on Zoom, each contestant will be asked two questions by the judges. One minute will be given for answering each question.


III. Instructors of public speaking contest

Zhuo Li: liz@sustech.edu.cn   

Matthew Jellick:  matthewj@sustech.edu.cn

Al Evans:  evansa@sustech.edu.cn

Xinting Zhang: zhangxt@sustech.edu.cn

Yu Chu: chuy@sustech.edu.cn

Yueyue Liu: liuyy3@mail.sustech.edu.cn 


All prize winners will attend public speaking training provided by CLE. Further details will be announced after the preliminary contest at SUSTech.