TA Teaching Development Program Week 4 Highlights


Week 4:“Collaboration with Course Instructors”

Week 4’s topic was “Collaboration with Course Instructors” and the important, ongoing commitment both must make towards a successful class.  Planning before the course starts and continued communication during the semester are beneficial to both the professor and the TA, the benefits of which can be seen in a well-constructed and well-run course.


Suggestions for TAs (before the course begins)

An organized, efficient and structured plan is integral for a Teaching Assistant to consider before the course begins.  Just as Syllabus Design is constructed prior to the start of the first class, so too should planning, including communication between the TA and Course Instructor, making sure they are working together for the proper implementation of their teaching plan, to ensure the best learning opportunities for their students.


Suggestions for TAs (once the course starts)

Working in collaboration with a Course Instructor, it is pertinent that the Teaching Assistant remains in constant contact throughout the semester, both as a means for reviewing what took place in class, while also making necessary adjustments going forward.  Furthermore, communication with other TAs can also help, sharing ideas as peers, and if possible, giving reviews and comments on the direction of the course.