CLE Lectures on English Language Learning


Invited by the SUSTech Student Affairs Office, CLE lecturer XU Siqun gave three talks on ‘English Language Learning at the University’ for students on Nov 28th, 2019, Dec 12th. and Dec 24th, 2019. The first two talks were organized for the freshmen in SUSTech, while sophomores and junior students in School of Medicine were targeted in the last talk.

On Nov 28th, 2019, Dec 12th, XU Siqun gave two talks to around 530 freshmen from Shuli College, Shuren College and Zhicheng College. He introduced the English language learning resources provided by the Center for Language Education first, and shared his experience of learning English with the students. He told students that a good learning attitude and motivation is important in college study, and the sense and habit of self-learning should be developed when entering the university. He emphasized that three aspects are crucial in English language learning, namely vocabulary, five core language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, translating) and cultural knowledge. He recommended several books, listening materials and other English learning resources to students and encouraged them to spend more time on practicing.

The talk lasted for two hours, and students put forward the questions that they face in their English study in the Q&A session. XU Siqun answered them one by one and offered a lot of useful and practical suggestions.

On Dec 24th, XU Siqun gave a talk on “Standardized Language Test Preparation” to around 20 students from the School of Medicine. He offered students useful information and resources in preparing for international standardized tests such as TOEFL, IETLS and GRE. Practical suggestions on how to prepare for these tests and how to get ready for overseas study were also introduced to the students.

These talks gave a good opportunity for students to understand how to upgrade their English language skills for the future study and career development. A lot of useful English learning advices are offered during the talks. The aim of these talks is to help students adapt to university study and life, and to support the development of their language and study skills for their future study and career. All the students are encouraged to visit CLE to seek the individualized support in terms of their overall study skills, or how to cope with language learning in the specific academic contexts.