SUSTech English I Word Power Challenge


College-level academic vocabulary is often a challenge for all freshmen in the university. To better motivate the students at SUSTech English I (SE I) classes to acquire academic vocabulary more effectively, a list of academic words for university learning was given to the students at the beginning of their first semester in the university and a vocabulary competition with the name of Word Power Challenge was designed for students to check their learning progress.


The first round of Word Power Challenge was held among SE I classes during Week 11 and the top five students in each class were selected for the final. On December 5th the Final Competition of SUSTech English I (SE 1) Word Power Challenge was held successfully. 30 SE I students selected in the first round participated in the final competition. Six of them won the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place prizes respectively.


Word Power Challenge Winners

First Place Winner: Mingyang Mei

Second Place Winners: Chongran Zhao and Changpeng Ge

Third Place Winners: Feiqian Chen, Yuanjie Sun, and Houming Zhu

Photo of Word Power Challenge Winners

Students in the Final Competition


The initiative of the Word Power Challenge is well received by the students. They think it is both fun and challenging. It strengthens SE I students’ vocabulary proficiency and serves as a vocabulary learning boost during their first semester at SUSTech. 


Qing Liu

SUSTech I Cohort, CLE