Teaching and Learning: Sharing What Works


The Center for Language Education is hosting a Conference on Teaching and Learning: Sharing What Works, this Thursday, December 5th. Please join us as we discuss a wide range of pedagogical topics, touching upon issues which have proven results within the field of not only linguistic attainment but also expanded teaching strategies which can positively influence any discipline.

Conference Agenda

4.00 to 4.10  Welcome Remarks from Dr. Li Yuan

4.10 to 4.30  Pedagogy into Practice by Matthew Jellick and Wenni Xie

4.35 to 4.55  Step Away from the Textbook by Tyler Horton

5.00 to 5.20  Formative Assessment in English Language Teaching: From Ideas to Action by Martina Dorn

5.20 to 5.40  Using L1 (Chinese) in L2 (English) Classes by Xinting Zhang and Jenny Hirst

5.40 to 6.00  Using OneNote as a Classroom Presentation Tool by Brian Butler

6.00 to 7.00  Refreshments

6.00 to 7.00  Student Poster Presentations on Effective Teaching and Learning

7.00 to 7.20  Read a Fiction in Class? Yes! by Rongrong Dong

7.20 to 7.40  Writing Rites Right: The Art of Authorship by Stephen Pellerine

7.40 to 8.00  Metacognitive Strategy-focused Instruction in a WAC Programme: The Impact on Performance in Writing

7.40 to 8.00  by Shari Dureshahwar Lughmani