SUSTech Medical Faculty Training


By: Matthew Jellick

Southern University of Science and Technology continues to grow at exceptional speeds, creating new and exciting learning platforms which help define our community of learners, preparing not only them, but the greater Shenzhen area, as we move forward into a complex and exciting world of innovation and entrepreneurship.  One such opportunity is the creation of the SUSTech Medical School, fulfilling a growing need for advancements in this specialized field. 

Working in partnership with local hospitals, the university is training top-level doctors as teachers in the variety of interdisciplinary studies as they apply to medicine, teaching students about the specifics of their individualized fields.  Yet teaching itself is a specialty, and an art which is constantly being refined with updated and innovative practices.  From implementing content-based instruction to developing learning outcomes, the pedagogy and methodology which goes supports strong classroom practices is something which empowers both teachers and students.

Working with a team of 25 doctors over the course of an intensive summer program, SUSTech is equipping them with the fundamentals of meaningful and measurable teaching tools which can be implemented through their instruction.  Focusing on student objectives and teacher demonstrability, these local Shenzhen doctors are able to increase their comfortability inside the classroom, with the same level of expertise they hold in operating rooms. Each are professional in their approach, mirroring the same intensity they bring to the laboratory and clinic, showcasing their ability to share their expansive knowledge with incoming medical school students.

A leader in global research, SUSTech understands that the ability to transmit knowledge to the students through good teaching is likewise a fundamental aspect within the arena of academia.  It is through innovative trainings such as this where teaching sustainability is recognized, acting as a multiplier for not only students, but teachers, too.  Good pedagogical and methodological approaches can shape learners’ appreciation for the materials they are being taught, and in turn, give credence to the knowledge explained by the teachers.  With the cooperation of SUSTech and these local Shenzhen doctors, the future of learning looks bright, paving a path forward as the university and the city continue to showcase leadership ideas.