Editage Insights Courses


Editage Insights is a comprehensive multilingual learning and discussion platform through which researchers, authors, publishers, and academic societies globally can learn about all aspects of scholarly publishing, stay updated about the latest trends in publishing, share opinions, and seek and receive expert advice.


In order to help SUSTech faculty and student researchers learn more about each stage of the publication cycle, Center for Language Education provides Editage Insights Courses user accounts with which researchers will have access to 44 courses. The courses cover topics of the whole publication process, from academic ethics to research preparation, from academic skills to how to avoid retractions. Course list is attached.


What students can apply for the Editage Insights Course account?

Undergraduate students who have completed EAP courses.

Postgraduate students who have completed English compulsory courses and CET 6.


How to apply for the Editage Insights Course account?

Please scan the QR code and fill in your information. CLE will help you create an account and you will receive a Welcome email with details on setting up your password and accessing the courses. Please make sure all the information is correct in your application, otherwise you may not be able to receive the information.









Course List