22 Jun Challenge of being a student by Ge Chengjie


Before going to the SUSTech, I never realized that being a university student would be so challengin…

Before going to the SUSTech, I never realized that being a university student would be so challenging. Now, after studying in SUSTech for nearly a year, I reviewed this question, and I got a different answer.

Last year, I finished one of the most important exams, the National College Entrance Exam. After knowing the score of my exam, I chose SUSTech without hesitation because both of my parents approved my choice to attend this burgeoning university, for its sophisticated experimental apparatus, dynamic professor, and predominant geological location.

Many of us imaged that being a university student is very relaxing, we can do what we want in the university, however hardly did we know that the challenge of university is much bigger than in high school and in other traditional schools. Why am I saying that? From my own experiences, many elders have never heard of our school and advised me to go to other traditional schools, this phenomenon is worse in some less developed areas. So, the first challenge we have is to improve our school’s reputation. We should not think it is only our leader’s work, it is also each SUSTech’s students’ duty. The student’s level is an essential measurement of a distinguished university, if all of us can improve our skills a little bit, whether in academic or in the social practice, our school will achieve great process.

Which major should we choose? How can we measure our major classes efficiently? It is also a big challenge for us. Unlike other students, they should choose they major just after they entered the university, but we can think carefully after one-year general knowledge education and decide what major to choose in the junior year, nevertheless it also have some drawbacks, due to the time we have less chance to develop the specialized knowledge. The time is so limited we have to use two years to finish our academic learning. It quite challenging for us students.

How to choose our future? It is also one of the biggest challenge we meet in our 20s. As we all know, ShenZhen is a diversified city, this city is filled with opportunities and challenges. There are big companies like China resources, TenCent, Huawei as well as some of the best graduate schools such as Qing Hua university and Peking university. We can also choose to take TOFEL and IELTS exams so that we can go to the foreign schools to broaden our horizons. Facing with so many choice, how to choose our future? To decide what people we will be in the future, we should really think carefully.

Being a SUSTech student, we should be proud of ourselves because we have already stepped into a wonderful platform. So, instead of occupying in the games every day, we’d better organize our thought, facing our challenges with smile and confidence.

My name is Ge Chengjie and I am from Anhui Hefei. I am going to study the Electronic and information Engineering in my sophomore year. In my spare time I like to play table tennis and jog. I like making friends with others. I am quite satisfied with my life in SUSTech and I believe I can have a successful life in the future.