17 Jun On the Road to Joy Highland By: Lucy, LU Yuxi


The Joy Highland is the most remote dormitory area in the SUSTECH. It is located in the Northeast of…

The Joy Highland is the most remote dormitory area in the SUSTECH. It is located in the Northeast of the campus and is built on the hill as you can see from the name ‘highland’. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation for its poor-quality cafeteria, unstable electricity and water supply and inconvenient transportation. But every coin has two sides and, for me, Joy Highland has its own charm.

I think the other dormitories are always convenient and boisterous. They are very close to the teaching area and have lots of entertainment facilities, so students can come back very soon and have many activities together. For example, enjoying dancing, playing cards and board games, baking and so on. But for those who are less extroverted or more interested in study, the Joy Highland which is less noisy and provides with dense studying atmosphere might be a better choice. What’s more, a farther living space also means extended space when students’ most life is limited within the campus.

Every time on my road to Joy Highland, I am always being reminded I’m now living in Shenzhen by the beautiful hills and many soaring tropical trees around me. It’s totally different scenery from my hometown, which gives me a novel feeling. Sometimes if I feel sad, confused or lonely after a whole day, the tranquil walk towards Joy Highland at night provides me with space for thinking and makes me stronger. In the mornings, I think you can’t miss watching the sun coming over the mountains from the East. It’s enchanting scenery. Additionally, it’s very close to the tennis courts, football ground and basketball courts, so many students come here to play sports and unwind from their heavy studies.

Objectively, many students don’t like Joy Highland for its disadvantages, but we can explore its beauty by ourselves. The beautiful scenery, good learning environment and sports field actually make it suitable for a certain group.

Lucy is a first year student at SUSTech.