09 Jun Model United Nations Benefits Students by Chris Leo


Model United Nations (MUN) is an international activity that involves both senior high students and …

Model United Nations Benefits Students

Model United Nations (MUN) is an international activity that involves both senior high students and college undergraduates and graduates. Originally developed at Harvard University, MUN aims at improving skills for analyzing international situations, cooperating with partners, and discussing solutions. Here I’ll show you more details.

First, the background document about a certain conflict or disaster is sent to us before the formal conference and should be analyzed as carefully as possible. As we are acting as delegates from different countries who are endowed with the ability to make possible decisions in the position of the nations, we are supposed to know as much as possible about our countries.

After our analysis, we will be much more adept at dealing with various situations and sharing our position. Then we are supposed to find our co-workers and exchange our ideas and then give brief speeches to others as diplomats on the floor. Throughout this phase, we will become braver expressing ourselves to others.

Finally, all of the delegates should have earnest, heated arguments with others and then come up with one or more solutions to the problem phase and then write the solutions up formally and then print them out. By taking part in this phase, we will be more skilled at writing work papers and official documents.

Last semester, my fellows and I went to HKUST for the 2017 MUN conference. I was allocated to be the delegate of Bangladesh,a micronation which is located in South Asia. On the topic of Korea Peninsula, we didn’t have much to say but to offer help to countries such as the USA, China, and Canada. In the conference, delegates argued for the relationship improvement between DPRK and South Korea, competed for the discourse power, and compromised based on each nations’ interests. We almost made the conference as lively as the United Nations!

MUN is an attractive activity which is popular internationally, and it really benefits those who participate, like myself, by giving us the change to improve many aspects of our academic skills such as critical thinking, document writing and team cooperation.

Biography: Chris Leo is a first year student at SUSTech