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Writing Center Workshop: "Formal vs. Informal Writing: Who, When, Why & Where"


The CLE Writing Center Workshops began, with Writing Center Coordinator, Matthew Jellick, presenting on the topic of "Formal vs. Informal Writing". Both students and staff in attendance saw practical examples of both techniques, including letters, emails, and even text messages. Subtopics about "Who, When, Why & Where" were also addressed, as these all go to set the parameters of one's approach in either a formal or informal context.

The Writing Center will continue to host workshops every Thursday at lunchtime, throughout the month of April, including next week's topic presented by Xiao Shi, on, "Make Your Writing Flow: Understanding Coherence and Cohesion". Thanks to those who attend, and we look forward to continue seeing the SUSTech community of learners at our programs!

Formal vs. Informal