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The CLE Movie Discussion Club has returned for Spring 2024.



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This semester, the club will discuss three movies. We have already discussed “Past Lives” (2023). Our next film will be “Anatomy of a Fall” (2023). The discussion for that film will be on April 2nd. Our last movie of every term is selected by our participants. It is a regular feature of our club that brings out a variety of cinematic tastes.


A student shares their thoughts on “Past Lives” with CLE’s Doctor Rongrong Dong.


The CLE Movie Discussion Club provides an opportunity for English language speaking practice. The co-founders and co-leaders, Rongrong Dong and AL Evans, created the group to talk about one of their favorite pastimes . . . movies!


The club recently marked the beginning of its 4th year. “Anatomy of a Fall” will be the 56th movie we have discussed. This is the oldest language club at the Center for Language Education. We meet monthly during the regular semester.


The film “Past Lives” generated a lot of conversation.


Operating like a book club, participants will watch a selected film in advance and then come to the group to discuss it. Although all discussions are in English, the films vary in language.


Conversations continue online in the QQ groups, where current news about the latest movies or happenings is shared.


Come join the CLE Movie Discussion Club at our next meeting:

April 2nd

Yidan Library 7pm


Scan the QR code below to join us.