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Fifth SUSTech Reader: Love for SUSTech and Aspiration of Youth



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Recitation Competition Showcases the Power of Language and Passion for Expression


The power of language knows no bounds, and the exceptional students of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) have proven this once again. On the night of December 9, the final of the Fifth SUSTech Reader took place, and it was themed "Love for SUSTech and Aspiration of Youth." This captivating recitation competition, featuring readings in both Chinese and English, left the audience in awe as the talented contestants showcased their passion, talent, and love for language.


Language is not merely a tool for communication; it shapes our world, connects us all, and serves as a medium to inspire and express the depths of our thoughts and ideas. It can bridge gaps, break down barriers, and foster understanding among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The participants of the Fifth SUSTech Reader celebrated these aspects of language with their performances, emphasizing the beauty of expression and the limitless possibilities language holds.


The contestants expressed their love for China, SUSTech and their youth throughout the event. Each recitation was an artistic work, captivating hearts and minds alike. The significance of the Fifth SUSTech Reader extends beyond the competition itself. It also serves as a platform to celebrate the power of language and appreciate the talent of the SUSTech students. Their enthusiasm for reading and recitation was a poignant reminder of the profound beauty and magic that language brings to our lives.


The Fifth SUSTech Reader has underscored the importance of fostering a love for language and providing opportunities for our youth to express their aspirations. Through events like this, SUSTech is nurturing a generation of talented individuals who will contribute to society with their exceptional linguistic abilities and unwavering passion.


As the curtains draw on this remarkable event this year, the inspiration, wonder, and appreciation for the beauty of language we have witnessed will stay with us.