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SUSTech Students Won the First Prize in 2023 "Yanxing Cup" College English Competition

2023-12-08  Pageviews:1240

From December 2nd to December 3rd 2023, the 2nd Guangdong Provincial "Yanxing Cup" College English Competition and the Seminar on High-Quality Development of Foreign Language Disciplines in the New Era were successfully held at South China University of Technology.

Since the start of this competition, it had attracted active participation from numerous teams representing universities in Guangdong Province. A total of 36,793 participants from 58 universities across the province registered for the preliminary rounds. SUSTech students Liu Shan and Chen Sijia achieved first place with outstanding results in the competition. In the finals, these two students eloquently presented the cultural concept of "filial piety" with high English proficiency and profound cultural understanding, showcasing the youthful vigor and infinite possibilities of the new generation on stage.


The competition was organized by The Advisory Committee for University English Teaching in Guangdong Province, hosted by South China University of Technology and Beijing Yanxing International Education, and co-organized by Beijing Haoce Technology. The event aimed to enhance the English application abilities of university students in Guangdong Province, encourage active reforms in English teaching in higher education, further improve the quality of English teaching in higher education, and promote the exchange of advanced teaching experiences among universities.

The Center for Language Education has been dedicated to deepening the reform of English teaching in higher education, aiming to enhance the comprehensive English application abilities of our students, cultivate and discover outstanding English talents, and has achieved significant accomplishments. We actively organize faculty and students to participate in various competitions and distinctive activities, fully implementing the national spirit of improving education quality and cultivating international and innovative talents. We are committed to promoting innovation in English teaching in higher education, raising the level of English instruction, and nurturing high-quality talents.