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Second "BME Cup" Speaking Contest Showcases Students' Vision for Health Care and Future Society

2023-12-06  Pageviews:1252

In a display of intellectual prowess and fluent oratory skills, ten undergraduate and postgraduate students from various departments participated in the Second "BME Cup" Speaking Contest. The event, held jointly by the Center for Language Education and the Department of Biomedical Engineering on December 3, 2023, provided an invaluable platform for participants to share their unique perspectives on health care and the future society.


Under the theme of "Health Care and Future Society," contestants captivated the audience with their profound understanding of how breakthroughs in science and technology can be harnessed to safeguard people's health. Each participant delved into thought-provoking discussions surrounding health, healthcare systems, and the role of innovation in shaping our society's well-being in the future.


Throughout the competition, the contenders skillfully navigated complex subjects such as CAR-T therapy, tissue cryopreservation, implantation restoration, electronic skin, and technology and healthcare. They eloquently discussed the potential of these advancements to revolutionize the healthcare industry and improve the overall quality of life for individuals across the globe.


The panel of judges, comprised of three English teachers from the Center for Language Education and three faculty members from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, evaluated each presentation based on content, delivery, and overall impact. The audiences were impressed by the depth of technology and understanding demonstrated by the contestants and their ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner.


The Second "BME Cup" Speaking Contest succeeded in fostering an environment that encouraged critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving. The event not only served as a platform to recognize exceptional students but also highlighted the significance of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing the challenges of our rapidly evolving society.


As the contest came to an end, the Center for Language Education and the Department of Biomedical Engineering expressed their confidence in the potential impact these talented individuals will have in their fields. This impressive demonstration of intellect and communication skills has set a high standard for future editions of the "BME Cup" Speaking Contest.