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SUSTech Students Won the Grand Prize and the Second Prize in the 10th "League Cup" Undergraduate English Writing Competition Final.



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On the morning of June 11, 2023, the 10th "League Cup" Final and award ceremony of the competition were successfully held at Guangzhou College of Technology and Business. Three SUSTech students achieved outstanding results in this competition. Ye Zi and Xiao Qiwen were awarded the grand prize in the non-English group, and Zhang Zixin won the second prize in the same group.

The competition was jointly organized by The Advisory Committee for University English Teaching in Guangdong Province, The English Major Sub-committee of The Advisory Committee for Foreign Language Majors in Guangdong Province, and The English Writing Teaching Alliance of Universities in China. A total of 164,092 university students from 59 colleges and universities in Guangdong Province participated in the competition, and after the preliminary contest, 272 contestants advanced to the final. The outstanding performance achieved by our three finalists fully reflects the English writing proficiency of our students and the achievements of our distinctive foreign language program.


The Center for Language Education (CLE) has been committed to deepening the reform of English writing teaching, aiming to enhance the English proficiency of our students, cultivate and discover outstanding English talents. We have achieved significant results by actively organizing teachers and students to participate in various competitions and featured activities. We fully implement the spirit of improving education quality and cultivating internationalized and innovative talents, to promote innovation in English teaching, improve the level of English instruction, and cultivate high-quality and outstanding talents.