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Language Corner: A New Language Conversation Opportunity on Campus



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On Friday, February 24th, the Center for Language Education held its first "Language Corner". This new multi-language conversation opportunity will take place regularly throughout the semester.


The "Language Corner" is a one-hour conversation activity. English will be featured every time, and the CLE will bring in other languages for conversation opportunities. On the first successful afternoon, there were two groups, one for English and one for Japanese. The English group was led by CLE faculty member Albert Evans. The Japanese-speaking group, led by Dr. Ryo Moore from the Department of Mathematics, welcomed 10 members. The two groups included faculty, graduate students, research fellows, undergraduates, and staff.


"It’s great to see such a diverse group together," Evans said. "It reflects the members of our campus community in a powerful way." 


The Language Corner takes place in the plaza in front of the School of Science, the ideal place for anyone who wants to stop by for just a few minutes or stay for the entire hour.


Language Corner is not only a place where people can practice their language skills and exchange ideas, but also an opportunity to learn about another culture, broaden horizons, and bring together people from different backgrounds. If you are interested in starting another language group, contact Albert Evans at evansa@sustech.edu.cn.


"Drop by Language Corner for a good chat,said Evans. "It is a lovely way to start your weekend."