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“Grand Slam” in 2022 “Yanxing Cup” Final



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Two SUSTechers triumphed in the “Yanxing Cup”, a provincial English competition. With efforts of both the contestants and the CLE instructors, and through 2 rounds of intense competitions, the two contestants from SUSTech claimed the only two grand prizes in the final. 2022 Guangdong “Yanxing Cup” College English Competition, sponsored by Guangdong Undergraduate College English Teaching Advisory committee along with South China University of Technology and the Beijing Yan Xing Education International, brought to a successful close on Nov. 26, 2022. More than 4500 undergraduate students from 20 universities in Guangdong province participated in the preliminary contest.


A total of 63 SUSTech undergraduate students participated in the preliminary computer-based contest in October 2022. The contest was composed of listening, reading, and writing sections. All test venues on campus were subject to a standardized network monitored by the competition committee, and the committee set all test questions. In accordance with the guidelines of “Yanxing Cup” College English Competition, the top two winners represented SUSTech in Guangdong semifinal.


(Computer-based preliminary contest on campus)


In the semifinal, Chen Sitong and Xiao Qiwen respectively delivered a 3 minutes prepared speech in prerecorded videos. To support them for the prepared speech, the CLE instructors helped with their speech scripts in terms of content, structure and language. When their scripts were ready, they did rehearsals and prerecording together with the CLE instructors in the MOOC studio on campus. Their public speaking skills including both delivery skills and language skills had been greatly improved. They were placed 2nd and 3rd in the semifinal among 40 contestants from different universities in Guangdong province.

(Xiao Qiwen & Chen Sitong prerecording their prepared speeches in the MOOC studio for the semifinal.)


On Nov. 26, 2022, the two contestants, Chen Sitong and Xiao Qiwen represented SUSTech and competed with other 8 winners of the semifinal online. They delivered impromptu speaking followed by a Q& A session. Though pressed for preparation time, the contestants and the CLE instructors promptly got their ideas into shape, rehearsed and brainstormed together in better preparation for the final.


(Chen Sitong & Xiao Qiwen giving impromptu speeches online in the final.)


The CLE has offered full support to our students in a variety of competitions and activities. “Yanxing Cup” is one of them that have provided SUSTech students a platform to showcase their English language skills, cross cultural competence, and critical thinking skills. In preparation for different competitions, SUSTech students have accumulated valuable experience and sharpened their skills. The CLE will remain committed to the all-round development of SUSTechers’ language and study competence.