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CLE teacher wins the Fourth National University Mixed Teaching Design Innovation Competition Award



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Recently, the Fourth National University Mixed Teaching Design Innovation Competition came to an end.  Xu Siqun, an associate professor from the Center for Language Education of SUSTech, stood out from 763 participants nationwide by virtue of his outstanding performance in the preliminary, second-round, and final competitions by taking "communication skills" as the participating course;


The lecture video submitted by Xu Siqun centered on the theme of "mixed instructional design of communication skills", explaining the teaching philosophy and years of experience in teaching the course of "communication skills", especially the flipped mixed instructional design method he adopted. With the joint efforts of Xu Siqun and other teachers in the Center for language education, this course has not only won the praise of students but also won the recognition of experts in the same field. In 2017, it was supported by the university-level higher education teaching reform project of the Southern University of Science and Technology; In 2022, the course was rated as the Guangdong Provincial Ideological and Political Demonstration Classroom.


Xu Siqun said that he had gained a lot from this competition. It helped him systematically sort out his teaching philosophy. After this competition, he was encouraged to further sort out the deep logic behind teaching methods and teaching concepts. Through this competition, Xu Siqun not only gained awards and honors but also further understood the teaching methodology and significance. "This competition made me have a good review and sorting out of the mixed teaching experience in the past seven years. Before, I didn't think clearly about the connection between specific teaching objectives of each mixed teaching unit; this competition made me realize that each teaching unit should correspond to the teaching objectives”, said he.


The competition aims to explore, cultivate and display the achievements of teachers' teaching design and curriculum construction, encourage teachers to innovate, closely combine curriculum construction with teaching practice, and constantly improve teaching quality. In order to further play the role of demonstration and radiation of this competition, The Center for Language Education of Southern University of Science and Technology will publicize and promote the mixed teaching design experience of participating teachers in various forms to help the growth of teachers.


The 4th National University Mixed Teaching Design Competition was guided by the Chinese Higher Education Development Network (CHED), sponsored by Tsinghua University, and co-sponsored by nearly 20 universities and research institutions, including the Southern University of Science and Technology. The competition has been included in the data sources of the Analysis Report of the National Teaching Competition for Teachers in Colleges and Universities and the National Teaching Development Index for Teachers in Colleges and Universities of the China Association of Higher Education. It is one of the important indicators to measure the teaching development ecology of college teachers.