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Writing Effective Scientific Papers



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A themed lecture “Writing Effective Scientific Papers: How to help the reader understand what you achieved and why it matters” was delivered by Dr. Adrian Rowland on September 20th.

In this workshop, participants learned how to write effective scientific papers by using an OCAR structure, which includes an opening, challenge, action and resolution. To further explained how can the OCAR structure fit in with the IMRaD in traditional scientific papers, Dr. Adrian Rowland used some extracts from Todd et al and analyzed them with the students. Overall, Dr. Adrian Rowland summed up the workshop by giving four tips of how to write a good scientific paper: First is to set up a precise question or question. Then provides clear answers to the question or questions. And through the opening and discussion, makes it clear why these questions matter.


The CLE Workshops 2022 Fall series cover a variety of topics. Please stay tuned for our upcoming activities in October!