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First CLE Chinese Language and Culture Workshop of 2022 Fall: Autumn in Chinese

2022-09-19  Pageviews:8796

The workshop on Chinese language and culture: "Autumn in Chinese: Vocabulary, Poems, and Culture" was successfully held on campus on September 16. It was also a special session of the 25th National Putonghua Week and was co-hosted by the Center for Language Education of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Teaching Affairs Office this year. A group of international faculty and students from different countries participated in this workshop and enjoyed the beauty of autumn in the Chinese context together.

The instructors from CLE, Dr. ZHU Wenhui and Dr. SHEN Wei, first taught ten key words related to autumn. Participants learned how to pronounce these key words and learned the cultural meaning behind them. After that, two famous Tang poems were introduced. By reading these poems, they understood the images of autumn in the Chinese context from a poetic perspective. As the highlight of the event, all the participants collaged the printed autumn leaves and copied the quotes from the two poems to create their own artworks on the theme of autumn.

At this special workshop, SUSTech's international faculty and students experienced the beauty of autumn, learned Chinese in a real-world context, and experienced traditional Chinese poetry culture.