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First CLE Workshop of the Semester: Presentation Skills in Academic Setting

2022-09-02  Pageviews:10299

On the evening of September 1st, the Center for Language Education offered SUSTech students their first workshop of the semester. Xu Siqun, associate professor of the CLE, shared numerous tips on developing presentation skills in an academic setting. The workshop started with warm-up questions about factors and experiences students have had with presentations. Following up on previous experiences, students were introduced step-by-step to planning, structuring and delivering a presentation. In this workshop, students became familiar with the role presentations will play in the academic setting and how to deliver them in a professional and confident manner.







SUSTech Center for Language Education’s workshop series addresses issues relevant to English language learning and use for all SUSTech members. We hope that the SUSTech community of learners will take advantage of them as they move forward toward more sustainable and refined English language learning practices.