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Adjusting to
University Study

Cohort 2022 begins their “SUSTech Experience” this morning with the Pre-sessional Program!

2022-08-29  Pageviews:8904

SUSTech’s new students begin their Pre-sessional Program this morning. The Pre-sessional Program at SUSTech is provided by the Center for Language Education. New students will receive an orientation on how to adapt to an academic environment with English as their medium. It is a ten-hour program prior to the start of the academic term designed to prepare new students linguistically for their university study. It focuses on the specific academic language and study skills that students will need in their study at SUSTech. The program also helps new students identify their strengths and weaknesses in English, familiarizes them with the use of English in an academic context, and provides them with strategies for communicating in English and learning at SUSTech.

Here is how they get started their learning in the Pre-sessional Program!


The SUSTechers welcome our new students and are here to help them make their "SUSTech Experience" a rewarding one!